Publishing Your Link

1. To participate, your URL must be listed on this page as a hypertext link. The List Master will create this link which, when clicked on, will direct other artists to your site for a link exchange. E-mail the List Master at the bottom of this page with the following:

Your URL: WWW.""
Your site name (often it is different from the URL)
Your medium, i.e., sculpture, watercolors, jewelry, etc. (if you specialize, include the specialty. A short explanation is OK.)
Your name, and e-mail address.
Place "LINKS" in the subject block.

2. This list is for contact purposes only. You are responsible for contacting the other list members to arrange for links to their sites. Just click on the site name and you will be connected. Problems that might arise from arrangements made are not within the purview of the List Master

3. In exchange for creating a link to your site, you agree to create one to this site. (Thank You) Use the following information:

URL is
Site name is "Alpine Garden Sculpture and  Art"
medium is: Sculpture "Haunting faces hewn from lava make a statement for the discriminating individual."

4. PLEASE, use E-mail only. Thanks.

Alpine-Art.Com - Reciprocal Links

This page establishes a nexus for artists, craftspersons, and gardeners to assist each other in locating sites of similar content that may be  willing to exchange links.
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