Artist Reciprocal Links
Alpine Garden Art
  Sculpture for your home and garden

Arborsmith Studios:
This is an amazing site. Houses, furniture, etc., all sculpted from growing, living trees and vines. Richard Reames will make you one, too. Must see this.
Becky's Wildlife-Fantasy Art:
You'll find realistic wildlife art and, at the other end of the scale, fantasy paintings, all good. Becky has a bubbly sense of humor that makes this site even more fun. Try it.
Abstract Art and Genetics:
Hunter O'Reilly, artist and geneticist. Images in the lab and the world around her inspire the shapes in her abstract oils
FREE monthly eight-page fine arts-oriented newsletter. Great to link up with.
FireGod Arts:
Russell Andavall, multimedia artist and potter
Dinosaurs "Dinotreker":
Paleo-miniaturist, Michael Rusher, specializes in 3-D dinosaur dioramas
A Virtual Irish Gallery:
Landscapes and portraits in oils, watercolors and acrylics by Michael O'Connor
ZEL Link Exchange:
A FREE reciprocal link exchange that sends you a newsletter identifying who and what kinds of links are sought. Easy to join. I did....
Whimsical Art by Judie Bomberger
First-rate metal work that's fun for the garden
Andy Goldschmidt-Scuptural Ceramics
Ceramics in metaphysical harmony
Realm of Art Gallery
Robert Toth--Artist
Robin's Best
Portraits and custom work
The Art Gallery
Australian site with a global listing of artists, directory, gallery, etc. Very nice
Watercolor Works by Leslie Boydston
Landscape, floral and animal watercolors
James Morrison-Metal Sculptor
Welded and painted metal sculpture
Whimsical Art
Humorous art and posters, etc., for children
Simon Birtall Illustrations & fine Art
Impressionist art Affordable Museum Quality Oil Paintings
James Collins, Artist
Cherished Memories in Art
Beautiful Frogs Sculpture
Linda Paul Studio
Rig Pictures
   Royalty free photos of oil rigs,energy forms, industrial, natural gas, etc.
Chicago Room Gallery Art Gift Shop
  Marc Rubin's art work on apparel, ceramics,posters, etc.
Oil Painting Reproductions & Portraits
  Hand painted oil reproductions on canvass and portraits from photos  
Isabel Art Gallery
  Oil painting repros, portraits and gold jewelry
  Large selection of garden art and sculptures
Sculpture by Patrick Johnson
Abstract figurtive ceramic sculpture
Poster art
Jonathan Knight Sculpture
Animal sculptures including equine
Oil Painting Reproductions & Portraits
Hand painted oil repros on canvass
David Scherb Artist
The Gallery of China