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Bob Keegan
ALPINE GARDEN ART Sculpture For Your Home And Garden
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   Most people are surprised to discover that the artist is a retired, high ranking US  Army officer with an extensive background in the intelligence community. It was  this background that placed him in Munich, Germany, in the early 70's where he  held, among others, the position of Director of Operations for all US Army  intelligence operations in Europe involving human resources. This assignment,  however, was hardly an indication of what was to come.

   An avid skier, Keegan discovered the alpine folk art endemic to the European  Alps and decided to introduce it to America. Studying with Austrian carvers on  weekends, and after he retired from the service in Germany, he absorbed the basics  of this folk art and subsequently returned to the States, intent on introducing the art form to the art and craft scene.

   The following 30 years were devoted to creating well over 10,000 Berggeist  (mountain spirit) faces in both wood and lava rock. His work is in thousands of  private collections in the US and in over 17 foreign countries.

   When he started sculpting in natural lava rock which allowed his work to be  placed outdoors, Keegan was asked to participate in the world's largest indoor  horticultural event, The Philadelphia Flower Show. It was here that the Garden  Editor for the New York Times discovered his work and subsequently featured it in  that publication. Keegan's work has also appeared in many   magazines, books, and newspapers,  the most notable of these, USA Today.
Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy