$500 to $1,000 with shared shipping
Opa is a kindly old gent and grandfatherly in demeanor. One almost forgets he's actually a rock.
15" high
He is named for a beloved English professor of mine who has passed on. His memory is now etched in stone.  
17" high  $275
He lives within the rock's rythm, making it his residence as he settles to the ground. This one  appeals to the romantic in you. A broad, flowing rock about 12" high
Large and in charge, He's everyone's boss. OK, so we can't *all* be goodlooking. Someone will love him. About 14" high
Well, at least it's good news for you. Economics being what they xxare these days...10% unemployment, the country trillions in debt,  and just about all retailers having sales daily,  artists are equally as vulnerable to the vicissitudes of the market. And what's more, unlike stores, we artists have to eat just as you do. So, I've tightened my belt and reduced many of the prices for this garden sculpture by a whopping 50%. Like my grandad told me, "If your gonna do it, son...do it big!"
        For a dramatic effect
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